You Must Know Them Before You Can Break Them

I happened to come across an old journal entry that I thought I would share:


Yesterday I heard a group play on CPR (Colorado Public Radio) called Time For Three who refer to themselves as a "classically trained garage band."  They take current pop songs and arrange them for two violins and a double bass, which I think, as a former "orchestra nerd," is very cool!

I listened to a short interview they gave after their performance and especially enjoyed these quotes:

"The beauty in music making is that it's very individualized, very personal... We're trying to enrich what is already really, really great, but to evolve the tradition.  Let's face it- that's what music has done since the beginning of time.  It doesn't stay the same, it goes places, it evolves.  And it does it in an organic way based on the different musicians and their different passions."

I think what is important to understand here is that these guys were classically trained first.  Because they know the rules, they are now able to bend them (and maybe even brake a few) to legitimately move the art form forward.  In my opinion, those who don't first possess the knowledge don't have the depth and insight to produce something worth paying attention to.


In other words, as The Dalai Lama is attributed with saying, "Know the rules well so you can break them effectively."

Definite food for thought...

Photo by Rukma Pratista on Unsplash

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