If the following statements describe your child, then he or she is

A Presenter...

(also known as a Visual-Spatial Learner)

  • These learners love color and enjoy colorful and detailed photos and illustrations
  • They love coloring books, creating colorful drawings and artwork, and often like wearing colorful clothing.
  • They enjoy watching cartoons and movies.
  • They relate to their world three dimensionally and are good at knowing how to find their way around in a new place.
  • They often understand a concept better if it is presented to them visually through pictures or objects.

Step Three: Experience

Here comes the fun part... I'm sure you'll agree with me that the best learning actually feels like playing— hence the name of this website. So with this in mind, the learning suggestions given below are carefully crafted activities that your Visual-Spatial Learner will naturally enjoy doing anyway! (Please note that while I tried my best to include activities that span the ages of all children in the elementary grades, any certain activity may not appeal to all age levels.)

As an extra bonus, when you click on any of the learning suggestions that are underlined in orange text, I have added links to specific product recommendations related to each activity. Please note that Playing2Learn will earn a commission (at no additional cost to you) should you choose to purchase through them.  Thanks in advance for your support!

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These suggestions are just the beginning and I hope you use them to think of even more ways that your child can experience learning that feels like play! (And if you like this, I have much more to share— see details at the bottom of this page...)

Your Presenter Will Love To:

Play a visual-based board game or an interactive game 

like "I Spy"

Take an art class, keep a

visual journal, or learn to sew

Put together flat or 3-D 

jigsaw puzzles

Fix something that is broken (like a watch, a bike,

or a doorknob)

Draw a map or

make a diorama

Create a 3-D maze with items from around the house

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