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My Core Message

The message of Playing2Learn™ is simple-

...to make learning fun for children.

For any child to receive a well-rounded education, it is essential that they be exposed to the arts because the arts enhance meaning and contribute beauty to everyday living.

When art is used as a tool to teach the core subjects of math, science, language arts and social studies, children don't whine, get bored or disconnect from their learning.  In fact, they usually beg for more!

A Little Bit About Me

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Most Popular Topics

In, With & Through (And Why You Should Care)

Teaching Art vs. Arts Integration

Teaching in and with the arts is wonderful and these methods definitely have their place. Who doesn't want to create "just because?" But teaching through the arts is transformational. This valuable presentation includes:

  • Comparison studies of children who enjoy the arts as part of their studies versus those who don't
  • Hard evidence and real-world examples of how teaching through the arts (using the arts as teaching tools) help children transfer what they learn into their long-term memories
  • Resources to help you become an advocate for arts-integrated education

How To Get Your Child Excited to Learn

(Even If They Hate School!)

What if there was a method of teaching that, once learned, could take a child from absolutely hating school to that same child actually begging every day to learn something new?  Discover how you as a homeschool parent can encourage fun, easy and constructive learning activities so your child can actually be excited to start schoolwork everyday.  In this presentation you will discover:

  • How to approach learning in a way that will always capture your child's attention
  • How to get your child excited about directing his or her own learning
  • How to expertly guide your child so he or she has a well-rounded education

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