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Are these activities only for homeschoolers?

Absolutely not!!!  Any member can log in and encourage their children, grandchildren or students to enjoy these activities.  If you have kids who want something fun to do, I'll bet that at least one of my Playing2Learn™ activities will be perfect!

What does "arts integration" mean?

Arts integration is when the arts are used as tools to teach other subjects.  For instance, using dance to teach the basic physics principles of Newton's Laws of Motion or learning musical notation to help explain fractions.  The possibilities are almost endless.

What does "standards based" mean?

As I said on my About page, I am here to help you as a homeschool mom because I know that you are undertaking a noble and wonderful work that deserves to be recognized and defended.  I admire you for sacrificing to provide a world class education for your children and I want to encourage and support you in your efforts.

Unfortunately, there are some who don't see homeschooling this way and this is why every Playing2Learn™ activity also references educational standards.

These educational standards are the same standards that the public school teachers down the street from you have to abide by, so you can use my activities to prove that you are meeting (and even exceeding) the mandated "formal requirements."  It's a nice bit of information to have in your back pocket, should you ever need it.

Now please allow me to say that yes, I do see the contradiction of incorporating grade specific educational standards into activities meant for homeschoolers.  After all, having the freedom to give your children more flexibility to learn at their own pace is an obvious strength of homeschooling.

I will always be the first one to point out that trying to make every child fit into the same educational box, at the same age, for every subject, is-- quite frankly-- absolutely ridiculous.  We are educating children, not machines.

That being said, it has never been my intention to preach that you should center your children's learning around the educational standards used in public schools.  I am simply here to here to help you navigate through the ever thickening bureaucratic waters and give you as much validation as possible to support your homeschooling efforts, should you ever need it.  Again, this is is why every Playing2Learn™ activity is supported with educational standards.

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