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Want to Make ANY Subject Exciting Again?

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standards based,

arts integrated


So, just what are "standards based, arts integrated activities," you may ask?  Well, may I first ask you some questions?

  • Do your children start to drag their feet when you bring up a certain subject like math or reading?  Are you at a crossroads with trying to keep them engaged and excited?
  • Are you concerned about finding the time to include arts-based projects in your child's school day?
  • Do you have people in your life who are concerned about your decision to homeschool because they don't think your kids are getting what they need?

If this describes you, I am so glad

you have found this website!

I am practically giddy as I write this to be able to tell you that--

  • Your children can get excited again and be inspired about even their least favorite subjects....
  • You can easily include the arts in your homeschool without setting aside any additional time in your school day and...
  • You can provide solid evidence that your children are educationally thriving, reaffirming that your choice to homeschool was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Hi, my name is Leah Stallard and, like you, I think homeschooling is awesome! 

I also know that it can sometimes be, shall we say, challenging...

Kids will still be kids and some subjects just seem harder to teach than others.

But what if I told you that it's the not the what, but the how that makes the difference between your kids dragging their feet or being excited to learn a certain subject-

that it's not the subject itself,

but how it's presented.

...This is why I have created this website.

I have been a guest teacher for many years in public schools, after-school workshops and homeschool co-ops and wherever I teach, my mission is to inspire kids to get so excited about learning that they thirst to learn more!

I do this with arts integrated, standards based activities.

Arts integrated?

"Arts integrated" means using the arts as tools to teach another subject like math, science or social studies.  And when I say the arts, this includes any form of creative expression like music, dance, painting, sculpture, theatre, poetry, storytelling...

For example, if you are studying about the state or country you live in, instead of writing a report, you could write a poem or dramatize an historical event.

If you're studying about basic atomic structure, you could create a dance that explores how protons, electrons and neutrons interact to create different elements of the periodic table.

Or if flashcards don't really work for you and you're trying to remember a certain mathematical theorem, you could set it to music instead.

Really, the possibilities are endless. I think you get the idea.

Standards based?

"Standards based" means that each lesson is backed up by, or documented with, mandated educational standards.  You know, the standards that public school teachers must refer to and use as a guide for each of their lessons.

Because my activities are based on these standards, they instantly offer you more credibility, further validate your homeschooling efforts and help to silence those well meaning people who may be questioning your decision to homeschool.

So you get the best of both worlds- a super fun homeschool environment where you get to decide the parameters, while still meeting (and even exceeding) educational requirements.

It's like finding just the right size bowl to fit a couple of scoops of ice cream and all of your favorite toppings, too... 

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